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This is the warmup for the warmup

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This is the warmup for the warmup

All right, you arrived in class early. YEAH!

Well, what do you do? Do nothing except wait for class to begin—chit-chat with buddies, peruse social media, and make a show of stretching when in reality, you’re just killing time on a foam roller.

Alternatively, make the most of the fifteen to twenty minutes before class or your training session by warming up your muscles and joints so you can get the most out of your workout every time.

Surprisingly, we advocate for the latter option…

This is particularly crucial if you tend to injuries or a specific deficit, such as tight shoulders or hips. And as you improve your fitness, expertise, and strength, you’ll realize how crucial it is to invest in your physical preparation. Once I’ve thoroughly warmed up my overhead position, I can’t believe how much better my snatch or jerk feels with weight on it.

Every morning, here is a fast “pre-warm-up” checklist to go over:

1. One must first keep oneself abreast of current events.

Look at today’s scheduled activities! The day’s itinerary will play a significant role in guiding your morning routine.

2. Step 2: Refrain from reaching for your standard foam roller

Foam rolling is best done as a cool-down rather than a warmup, although I know it’s tempting to “ease into the day” with a soothing session.

3. In the third, sizzling-hot step, you will spend between three and five minutes becoming very sizz

So, do something active like rowing, jogging, bicycling, skipping, etc., to get your blood pumping and pulse rate up. Particularly so during the colder months. Forget lifting big weights or doing intense conditioning if your hands are icy. This is especially crucial if you often go to the gym first thing in the morning.

Third, stretch for five minutes.

4. Do a full-body warmup to get ready:

Try some dynamic stretching if you have a reputation for being stiff as a board. Relax your neck, back, hips, hamstrings, and thighs. If, on the other hand, your pelvis touches the floor as you lunge, you should focus on stabilizing your joints rather than moving them. Crossover symmetry and banded work are ideal for this purpose.

Fifth and final stage: Be yourself!

Communicate with your coach if you have flexibility, stability, or chronic ailments. Your coach will list specific exercises and ideas to include in your daily warmup routine.

Action Number Five: (5 Minutes) Targeted Activation!

Review the day’s objectives and spend the remaining time getting ready for class.

If you want to go overhead in class, but your shoulders are tight, you can warm up with banded shoulder presses, and overhead barbell holds. If you do glute bridges and good mornings with bands, your glutes and hamstrings will be ready for deadlifts today. Ring rows, scapula push-ups and pull-ups, lat pull-downs, and banded pull-aparts are all great exercises for building your back and shoulders.

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